Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 1! (blog regulations)

Hello ! Today is day one of my blog! First, I'd like to give you a little sum up of how things work around here.

The general purpose.

The general purpose of this blog is a place for me to talk about projects I might be working on, anything interesting I might discover, and to give you a way to contact me. You can ask me questions about projects that I have published, if there is something you don't understand, or a step that is unclear. You can also ask me for help regarding a project you may have in mind, or if there is something that you need a second opinion on. This blog will also feature (from time to time) an instructable that I have made, starting out with my all-time favorites! (that way, you can wait to see and not have to sort through my instructables and try to guess!). There are also other features that I hope to add in the coming month(s).

Posting, commenting and following.

This blog will not necessarily have daily posts. Rather, I will post when i start working on a project, When i make progress on a project, or have something new and interesting to talk about. You can check in every day, or you can follow my blog, which is a lot easier. You can leave comments, but you will need a Gmail account or OpenID, mainly because i want to keep track of who comments.

Comment moderation, comment policies and rule violation.

There is no comment moderation, so your comment will be published immediately, but if you post something rude, inappropriate or anything related to gangs, drugs, alcohol, political opinions or anything that could cause an argument of some sort, your comment will be removed immediatly. If you post a dead link, I will notify you of it and you will have 5 days to fix it or it will be removed. If you find a dead link please notify me using the "report dead link or rue violations" Link in my profile. In my profile, there are links to my page on, My page on, and my Swagbucks referral link. There is also a link to email me, it is not for reporting dead links or rule violations, it is for general mail (comments, questions and feedback).

Emailing me.

Please do not send me any ads, spam or website addresses. (unless it relates to something in my blog, or if it is a blog of yours that you think I would find interesting.. Please specify why you are sending it to me.)

Final note.

If you notice anything amiss, spelling mistakes or errors, please don't hesitate to inform me. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to email me. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the blog!

Best regards-