Friday, December 31, 2010

New available projects. UHM and DCU

Today I am releasing two new projects that I ahev just made. uTorrent History Manager (UHM) and the Desktop Cleanup Utility (DCU).

First off, the uTorrent History Manager.

This program was made out of necessity. One of the most popular torrent program, uTorrent has no history function, which is the only downside it has compared to other programs. uTorrent does, however, keep copies of each .torrent file, hidden away in one of it's folders. I made the uTorrent History Manager to make it easy for anyone to view, edit, copy and clear the torrent history.

How it's used:

The first option will display all of the .torrent files, along with the time and date of their download, in the application window. Because of the window size long file names overlap onto the line below, and isn't the best option for long lists of .torrent files.

The second option does nearly the same, but instead sends the list of .torrent files, and the time and date of download, to a file called History.txt on your desktop. This is usefull for being able to look at the listo of your torrents at your lisure, in an organized manner. The program automatically opens the text document after it has been made.

The third option creates a folder on youe desktop calles uTorrent-History. It then copies all existing .torrent files from their location into that folder and opens it. This is usefull if you want to re-downlaod a torrent or give the .torrent file to a friend.

I hope to find a way to select the .torrent file which is copied soon, no such luck as of yet.

The fourth option is self explanitory. It prompts you for a if you want to delete all the .torrent files, and deletes them.

Option 5 tells you about the program. Option 6 quits the program.

R shows version history and what was added with each release.
C shows my email and blog adress.
T simply re-creates the readme file if you delete it by accident.

Download the program
Demo video

Now, the Desktop Cleanup Utility.

This program was made to clean up files that were left unorganized on the desktop. I always have lots of projects I am working on and often let my desktop get packed full of files. This program cleans them all up into specific folders. The pictures are the installation process, and the actual program works too fast to see.

This first screen (Left) is the first screen. It asks you if you want to isntall the program version made for Windows Vista and 7, Windows XP, or Windows 95, 98, or 2000. Each version is modified to be compatible with each operating system, as the available commands are different in each. The commands vary because the program was written in yes, batch!

The next screen asks you if you want to install or remove the program. It also has program information. Installing does several things.

First, it creates a directory "XOIIO-PROGRAMS" in local disc C. In that directory it creates a folder called "Desktop-Cleanup" and a file called log.txt, which records the installation and uninstallation time and date of any of my programs that were installed. (This will be useful as I make more programs.). Then it copies the appropriate program into the Desktop-Cleanup folder and creates a shortcut to it on your desktop.

All you need to do is double click the shortcut and any videos, documents, compressed files, pictures and pdfs are organized into a folder called "Cleanup". Now you just look in the right folder and find your documents all organized for you.

Supported file types:
Pictures-jpeg, JPG,tiff,img,gif,png
Adobe Documents-pdf
Compressed Files-zip,rar,7zip,7z

Download the program
Demo video

Both of these programs were written in batch, and their icons were made by me as well.

Both of these programs are know to trigger norton for "Suspicious activity". This is becauase they bothe move, create and delete files. They only do what has been said that they can do, and nothing malicous.



  1. Hi i trust you are well?

    I have an idea for a project you aremay be interested in.
    I am coming to you because I haveloved the idea forof the idea above program.

    My self and 3 of my friends All use uTorrent and we share what we have downloaded. However we often download what one of the others have already downloaded or are still loading. I need a way for Us to update to a central place that we can all access and if posibal warn us that the torrent we are about to down load has been downloaded already.

    I hope that makes sence.

    I can't find your email address please put it here.

    1. Sorry about the spelling and sentencing my predictive text sucks